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Sir Alex Ferguson: Fifty Defining Fixtures (Review)

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the great minds of the modern game.  He has done so much for the sport, impacting game after game.  He makes headlines even in retirement.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

So how do you pick his 50 best games, the most defining moments in his career as a player and manager? This seems to be a question that would bring much debate or a great book, the latter being Sir Alex Ferguson: Fifty Defining Fixtures by Iain McCartney.

McCartney has developed a reputation as a Manchester United expert, creating excellent soccer titles along the way.  One of the first was a masterpiece called Manchester United: Rising from the Wreckage 1958-68, a great tale of tragedy and triumph.

Now McCartney has done it again with this title.  No, it’s not just another Sir Alex title.  There are many of those.

This title breaks down 50 great games that made Sir Alex the legend he is today.   There are so many to choose from, but McCartney has plenty of content to back up his selections.  He carefully details Ferguson’s evolution as a coach, how a good player became the world’s greatest manager.

This is certainly something every Man U supporter should own.           

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