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EA Sports Comes Up with Another Gem

Landon Donovan says that it’s “a cool game, authentic, and real.”

And you have to agree with LaDo that 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa from EA Sports is a cut above the rest. The presentation of the game is simply outstanding, with everything you would expect from an international soccer broadcast, especially one in the World Cup.

Included in that presentation is the continual successful management of detail that was put into the game, from the confetti and streamers on the field to great precision on the appearance of players and coaches. Yep, they even included Diego Maradona’s stud earrings! Not only does the game give the precision of the world stars, but it includes shots of fans in the stands that you would usually see on TV and not on your video game console.

Oh yes, and even a continual appearance of the Vuvuzelas, that South Africa is famous for their bumblebee noise, makes it’s mark on the game. Speaking of sound, the crowd chants are authentic to the region as playing.

The World Cup tournament is great on the game, but it gives you so much more; from qualifying in a specific region to replaying qualifying moments over the past three years, from World Cup 2006 in Germany, and even World Cup 2010 (playable after it happens in South Africa, of course). Not to mention the inclusion of South Africa into the menu music and even talked about in the match commentary, including the significance of the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Think you can captain your national team to South Africa? EA lets you create your player and lead your team to the finals, climbing the ladder of competition in your own nation. Or, more impressionably, take your already created superstar from FIFA 10 and download them right into World Cup 2010!!

The computer AI is a bit tougher, so your better bring your “A” game to this creative and realistic portrayal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

Pure Futbol Video

This year’s newest soccer game is a Ubisoft product. It offers something different than FIFA or Pro Evo.  It is more of an arcade style; it focuses on the intensity and physcial nature of the beautiful game.

This is could be one of the best soccer games ever if the gameplay is as good as the visuals.

Here are some key features:

  • In the Heart of the Action – Experience what the players do, through tight camera angles and stunning audio/visual treatments that intensify key moments of the game.
  • Feel the Fight – There are no referees to stop the game every few seconds for little fouls. Pure Futbol celebrates strength and power as much as it does skill and speed.
  • The Elite of Past & Present – Take control of over 230 elite players, 17 top international teams and 3 legends teams.
  • Multiplayer – Team up or compete against up to 4 players offline and online. Compete in both regional and global leaderboards.
  • Share Your Superstar – Create and upload your players for others to admire, download and use.
  • More details to follow in the near future.  We are really excited about this one!