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The Little Book of Gaelic Football (Review)

Cover Art Courtesy of the History Press

I have to be honest that my knowledge of Gaelic football was pretty limited until I stumbled upon the Skylight Financial Group NACB Gaelic Games this summer in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  What I found was an exciting sport, one that provided a very unique experience for the spectators.

I sought out The Little Book of Gaelic Football by Andy Watters and Neil Loughran to learn more.  It turned out to be much more than just a little book, but rather a definitive guide to the game.  The sport’s history, important players, notable teams, even stadiums are discussed in enough detail to wet the appetite.

I gained an understanding and appreciation for the game thanks to this “little book.” It’s well worth the small investment to make the purchase.  Maybe you will have the same experience.  It’s certainly a strong possibility thanks to a book that is clear, concise, and above all entertaining and informative.

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