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The Origins of Wolverhampton Wanderers (Review)

I happen to love history and English football.  So Patrick A. Quirke’s The Origins of Wolverhampton Wanderers is the ultimate read.  It is a fascinating tale of how a few people made a big difference in a club, growing it from humble beginnings to eventually playing among England’s best.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

Strong characters appear again and again in the book, but none stronger than John Brant Brodie.  He should be given credit as one of the great founding fathers of the English game, but he doesn’t get that much publicity.  He was an incredible player, administrator, referee, and educator yet many people don’t even know his name.  He was good at everything he did; he just didn’t get all the credit he deserved.

It was great to hear the history of Molineux and how the club and stadium became what it is today, but one things is for certain. There wouldn’t be a Wolves without Brodie.

This book talks about Wolves in its formative years, a time that put a great club and English football in motion.  If you love the English game, you’ll certainly enjoy this title.  The lesson is that great things, even playing in the EPL, can come from talent, passion, family, and community come together for a common cause.

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