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West Bromwich Albion: The Top 100 Matches (Review)

Recently West Brom was in the limelight thanks to the sacking of Steve Clarke after four successive defeats.  West Bromwich Albion: The Top 100 Matches by Tony Matthews focuses on happier times, looking back to the top matches of this club’s illustrious history.

We’re always a fan of top matches as a topic for a book.  It calls for analysis and evaluation, usually resulting in an insightful and entertaining read.  They are always a great conversation piece.  That is certainly the case here with this book from Amberley Publishing.

The title features great photos and illustrations, put together with succinct match reports that tell the story of each historical game with the right length.  Not too much content, but certainly enough to get the point across in a book of 100 matches.

It is clear that Matthews is a master of his craft; he does a superb job all the way around.  The book covers a huge amount of time with matches described from 1888 to 2013.  Yet it is an easy read with great flow and a consistent style.

It is certainly timely and appropriate for any West Brom supporter or those interested in the history of the English game.

Amberley knocks another out of the park with this one; they have been quick to build themselves as a favorite in the niche football market.  They have a strong series of football titles, focusing on all levels of the game. Yes they have great reads about the Manchesters of the world, but they also have had the foresight to know that all the other teams have diehard supporters as well.  Those supporters happen to buy books too.

Can’t wait to see what Amberley has in store for 2014!

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