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Pass2Pro Comes to Dallas

Photos Courtesy of John Gall and Pass2Pro

Soccer camps are a dime a dozen.  That is until the Pass2Pro Professional Player Experience Camp came to Marcus HS in Flower Mound, Texas at the end of June.

Why is this a big deal? Because it’s different.  The event was led by former professionals with decades of experience at the highest level of the global game.  That’s right, we are talking about former EPL players working with the youth in an intimate camp environment.

Pass2Pro is different. It isn’t a franchise that is sold around the country or a community coach wearing some overseas team’s jersey.  We are talking about being instructed, taught, and mentored by the very best. Kevin Campbell, Ian Snodin, Joe Corrigan, and John & Kevin Gall to name just a few.

Photos Courtesy of John Gall and Pass2Pro

Campbell is a big name, a player with almost 150 goals in nearly 500 appearances with the likes of Arsenal, Everton, and West Brom.

“The camp was absolutely fantastic,” Campbell commented. “There are real talented kids in Dallas.”

Snodin has 20 years of playing experience with clubs like Doncaster Rovers, Sunderland, Everton, and Leeds United.  Corrigan is a former English national team keeper who had an unbelievable 476 appearances with Manchester City.  The Gall brothers are true pros that have embraced the art of coaching in a big way.  Kevin helped develop the Pass2Pro model, while John has become one of the top club and high school coaches in the U.S.

Participants and coaches were both impressed with the environment and what was accomplished in just a few days.

“What we deliver is different,” John Gall stated. “The professional players were there transferring their knowledge to the kids.”

The best news is that Pass2Pro will be coming to a city near you next summer. Stay tuned to for information on their unique platform and future events here in the States.

Campbell believes more has to be done to get American players on par with those around the world.

“We have to get them overseas.  We have to pit them against the best.  But having talent is a good place to start.”

Event Photos

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