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Next-Gen FIFA 14 is Pure Brilliance

Cover Art Courtesy of EA Sports

The folks over at EA Sports sure know what they are doing when it comes to soccer.  FIFA 14 for PlayStation 4 is, as the title suggests, a great game.  Why?

Well FIFA 14 on current gen systems was already great, a full step ahead of Konami’s Pro Evo series.  It was so good that Konami seems to be sitting out soccer on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014.

Now EA Sports takes an amazingly successful franchise to an entirely new level.  We’re talking a rave review here, a reason to buy one of those new fangled systems so that you don’t miss out on one of the best soccer games we have ever seen or played.

The PS4 version we reviewed was just amazing.  The graphics were better.  The players were smarter, acting more like their real-life counterparts. The Ignite gameplay engine was faster, providing for smoother movements and better animations. The gameplay environment (i.e. the stadiums, crowds, and sideline interactions) was much more authentic.  Simply put, it was a soccer fan’s (and a gamer’s) dream come true.

I guess the biggest concern has to be the availability of the actual systems.  It’s the holiday season and finding one of the new systems is going to be tricky to say the least.  Is it worth the hassle? The answer is yes if FIFA 14 is any indication of the systems’ long-term potential.

Images Courtesy of EA Sports

There is no competition on the next-gen systems, but I have a feeling EA Sports and FIFA 14 would have won the battle anyways.  I admire their commitment to putting out great products regardless of the system.  The PS3 and Xbox360 versions were brilliant and so are their next-gen counterparts.  This is not a port, but rather a fresh take on a wonderful game.

Kudos to the FIFA team at EA Sports! A job well done once again.

Screenshots and Cover Art

FIFA 14 is Still the King (Review)

FIFA 14 is a fun game.  The same can be said for every version of the FIFA series over the years.  And every year the EA Sports team makes the game even better.

Photo Credit: Business Wire

The game continues to have the most natural and realistic gameplay, which is a huge plus for those that want an authentic experience. The number of players, teams, and leagues is absolutely staggering.  Yes, you can play as a club team from Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Colombia., or even England’s Football League.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, one of the game’s 13 different online and offline game modes, has been vastly improved with new Chemistry Styles, which adds a whole other dimension to this game within the game. I used to shy away from FUT, but couldn’t no longer thanks to these improvements.  Did I mention that you can even play as Pelé if you are a lucky owner of FIFA 14 for Xbox?  That is reason enough to buy this title.

The volume of online game modes is incredible, but you can still have a great time in the legendary Career mode.  You can grow and develop as a player or manager, competing on and off the field. A more realistic transfer market makes the off the pitch action that much more entertaining.

FIFA 14 has everything you would ever want in a soccer video game.  This is an absolute must-have if love the beautiful game.

The folks at EA continue to show us why they are regarded as the best in the world. We can’t wait to see what they have planned for the new platforms in less than two months time. Yes there will be two FIFA 14 launches this year thanks to current and next gen platforms.  I’m really glad they decided to release a product for both.

We are also very curious to see what Konami is going to offer for this year’s version of Pro Evolution Soccer.