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Cleveland City Stars Update

Multiple sources suggest that the sale of the City Stars will be official sometime next week.  We were told that it is “now in the hands of the lawyers” and should be wrapped up soon.

Officials with the United Soccer Leagues declined to make specific comments on the matter, but did say an important update on the City Stars would be made available next week.  Past comments from the club suggest the franchise will remain in the USL in some capacity.  The City Stars have some difficult decisions to make regarding the choice of leagues, especially with the recent defection of the Rochester Rhinos. 

The USL/TOA/NASL saga needs to be resolved quickly and without further incident.  Many people are concerned about the long-term effects of the situation and what it could mean for the future of the game here in North America.  Here are two scenarios that are being discussed:

1.  MLS (1st Division), NASL (2nd Division), USL-2 (3rd Division), followed by PDL and Super Y-League     

2.  MLS (1st Division), NASL (2nd Division), USL-Pro (2nd Division), followed by PDL and Super Y-League

Note: USL-Pro would be a combination of current USL-1 and USL-2 clubs. 

Obviously the USSF wields the final authority on the matter.  Would they (or could they) allow two 2nd Division leagues to coexist simultaneously? Can the USL gather enough expansion teams to fill USL-1 with “8-12 teams” as they mentioned earlier? Would the USL be willing to refocus their energy on PDL and Super Y-League clubs?

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