News and Notes from the Ohio Vortex

Here are some notable stats from Saturday’s match against Cincinnati:

  • Adam Campellone 2 goals
  • Allen Eller 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Matt Tutich 1 goal, 1 assist
  • Steve Gillespie 1 assist
  • Pete Angelokostopoulos 1 goal
  • Milko Cevez 1 goal
  1. Midfielder Allen Eller served as a field general for the young squad. His leadership was quite an asset with the absence of Head Coach Denil Antonio. 
  2. Steve Gillespie continues the successful transition from outdoor to arena soccer.  Steve’s experience with the USL’s Cleveland City Stars is making a difference.
  3. Dado Grozdanic looks like he might benefit from a change in position.  His formidable size could be a positive for the Vortex defense. 

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