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Good News for the City of Cleveland

Published on September 27, 2009 By Editor

Enough sources have come forward to definitively report that the City Stars will indeed remain in Cleveland. All report that a letter of intent has been indeed been signed by a group in the Cleveland area.  A formal announcement is expected on October 1st.
Individuals employed by the league will be notified early (Tuesday) of the decision. We imagine [...]

Statement from USL President Tim Holt

Published on September 26, 2009 By Editor

We received a very quick response from Mr. Tim Holt.  We appreciate that Holt took the time to discuss the situation surrounding the City Stars.  It is obvious that he has many other things on his minds with several clubs for sale and what some believe is a real threat of a breakaway league.  Here [...]

More on the Sale of the City Stars

Published on September 25, 2009 By Editor

A source with the Canadian Soccer Association stated that the organization would support any club looking to play soccer in Canada.  It was also clear that the association would also support any ownership group that would move an existing club into Canada.  Our source talked about the number of markets in Canada that could sustain a pro [...]

More from the Sale of the Cleveland City Stars

Published on September 22, 2009 By Editor

We have received word from multiple sources that a letter of intent has been signed by a group looking to buy the Cleveland City Stars.  It is good news and possibly the end of this story.
Several outlets are speculating that a Canadian group, based in Ottawa, has purchased the club.  This seems to be far fetched [...]

Cleveland City Stars SOLD!

Published on September 21, 2009 By Editor

Our sources confirm that a deal to sell the Cleveland City Stars is imminent, but it will not be announced at the club’s end of the season banquet tonight. Two sources suggest that the deal is already done with the City Stars going to a U.S.-based group.
This would take several groups out of the running to [...]