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Manchester United 1907-1911: The First Halcyon Years

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

Every football club has a turning point, a moment that changes the face and direction of the club forever.  For Manchester United one might think of the Munich Air Disaster or the many successes in Europe, but there was a period that was just as defining, long before either of those.

The years 1907-1911 represent early success for Manchester United, a time that allowed the club to grow and prosper under the expert eye of Ernest Mangnall. Zero league championship became two league titles, two Charity Shield wins, and triumph in the FA Cup.

Manchester United wouldn’t have been the global superpower that it is today without Mangnall and the legendary Billy Meredith, a Manchester legend who scored 169 goals in 681 appearances for both City and United.  Meredith was also instrumental in the labor movement for footballers, creating the first Players’ Union.

Manchester United 1907-1911: The First Halcyon Years by Mark Metcalf breaks down these influential years, something no title has ever done in such detail.  This period of time might be a footnote in any other Man U book, but this author does it right.  He gives these influential footballers and administrators the respect and credit they deserve.

Metcalf proves once again that he is the master of Manchester United lore.  His eye for detail and nose for impeccable research are second to none.

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