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The Class of ’92 (Review)

Manchester United has produced some great footballers over the years, but none more prolific than the group of David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, and Nicky Butt.  That class of footballers defined Manchester United for many years.

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The Class of ’92 is an incredible film about that special group of footballers. The film is absolutely first-class in every regard.

Most importantly it offers a rare glimpse into the world of great footballers, focusing on their roots and development as players.  This film has the feel of a private chat with several of Man U’s biggest stars of the modern era.  It’s like having a pint or a meal with some of the greatest players the Red Devils have ever produced.

There is a lot of powerful reminiscing and storytelling.  There are some poignant moments, especially when they talk about the Munich Air Disaster and the Busby Babes.  Interviews with Sir Alex Ferguson, Tony Blair, and Eric Cantona frame the film in a spectacular, star-studded kind of way.

The best part has to be the footballers candidly talking about each other.  They clearly love the game and go about it the right way. Their friendships were built from hard work and a long journey together to be the very best.  The content is completely natural and unrehearsed, something that is absolutely priceless.

This group has built upon a great tradition at Manchester United, giving the next generation a lot to live up to.  A massive fan of English football, I have to say I even learned a lot from the film.  It certainly was an all-encompassing piece, bringing music, art, politics, history, and culture into the beautiful game.

The Class of ’92 is easily one of the best soccer films I have ever seen, certainly on par with Once in a Lifetime and The Two Escobars, considered by many to be the best ever in the genre.

You’ll never look at these players the same way again.

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