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Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics (Review)

Cover Art Courtesy of Princeton University Press

There are different classes of soccer titles.  At the peak is the scholarly research devoted to the beautiful game.  Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics by Ignacio Palacios-Huerta represents the best that of the group, being the “Ivy League” title (both literally and symbolically) coming out in time for the World Cup.

Enjoying the game of soccer is all about perspectives and this is certainly a different, but intelligent perspective.  Applying economic principles to soccer and vice versa is an interesting choice, particularly involving a game that is so fluid and unpredictable. The author takes this to an approachable level, allowing fans and supporters to engage in an intellectual discussion.

Those that want a Soccernomics-like experience in 2014 should read this one. For a sneak peak of Palacio-Huerta’s ideas, check out his recent article in The New York Times.

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