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“Art on a Shirt”: The Story of Dawes for Admiral

Capturing the beauty and power of sport is no easy task.  There as so many things to take in and consider.  The roar of the crowd. The talented players on the field.  The emotions and pride of an individual, a club, a country.

No one in the world has mastered sports art like Todd Dawes, a former college quarterback who turned to art when his pro dreams didn’t materialize.

Graphics Courtesy of Dawes Art

Dawes turned a passion for sports and art into an enormously successful business, working for some of the biggest brands in the sporting world.  He counts the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL among his best clients.  Even Hall of Fame athletes like Dan Marino, Jim Kelly (a close personal friend), Gordie Howe, Thurman Thomas, and Bruce Smith trust Dawes for important artwork when they need it done right.

He is also known for his mastery of the live art exhibition, producing an artistic masterpiece in a matter of hours alongside a special event or game.  This certainly requires a specific talent, someone able to visualize and produce art in one swoop.  This skill set has found him doing work for teams like the Miami Dolphins and organizations like Kelly’s Hunter’s Hope Foundation.  Yes, you will find him in the crowd, on the sidelines, in a stadium, creating art.  His artistic influences have turned him into a modern day LeRoy Neiman.

So what does all this have to soccer? A lot actually.

Like the rest of us, Dawes has caught the soccer bug.  It does run in the family after all.

His cousin, Wes Saunders, was a professional footballer in England, plying his trade as a player and then a coach for teams like Newcastle United, Dundee, and Torquay United.

His passion for the beautiful game, developed over a dozen-plus years, has caused his art to follow in that same direction, just in time for the World Cup.

So how do you celebrate the world’s biggest sporting event? By unveiling a new line of national team jerseys in partnership with Admiral Sports, of course.  This is also in time for Admiral’s 100th birthday, making it one of the oldest and most stable brands.

“These designs celebrate the culture of their country in an authentic and different way,” Admiral Sports CEO Paul Hamburger stated. “That’s why we loved them and that’s what led to the partnership with Dawes Art.”

These new jerseys are creative, fluid, and symbolic representations of World Cup nations, from the U.S. and England to Brazil and Argentina.

Graphics Courtesy of Dawes Art

Forget the bland, boring, and lifeless designs From Nike and Adidas that you will see in Brazil. They do not do the beautiful game and the Brazilian spirit justice.  What is needed? Inspired gear made for fans and supporters, merchandise that means more than a logo or a swoosh.  And that gear can only come from the creative genius of Dawes and Admiral.

Take the U.S. jersey for example.

It features a patriotic (and fierce-looking) eagle clutching a soccer ball in its talons.  Simply put, you wouldn’t want to meet this eagle in a dark alley somewhere.  There could be a problem.

Each jersey tells a story, one that accurately captures each country’s dream of sporting glory.

Graphics Courtesy of Dawes Art

Our favorite beyond the U.S. (we admit our bias) is from fellow CONCACAF side Honduras.  Their jersey features a forceful rendition of Indio Lempira, a symbol that brings out the strength of the Honduran people. It’s really hard to beat a legendary and fearsome warrior, one that is defending his homeland against European invaders.  Imagine this guy on a football pitch. He certainly would give the French and Swiss a run for their money down in Porto Alegre and Manaus.

So I think it is safe to say you are going to want to check out the entire national team collection from Admiral.  You won’t regret it; these are great items that will make the World Cup just a bit more enjoyable!

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