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David Beckham (Review)

Cover Art Courtesy of IPG

David Beckham’s most recent autobiography is really a work of art.  It is the ultimate coffee table book or conversation piece.  Getting to see his words paired with iconic photographs is an experience to behold.

Every part of Beckham’s 20-year career is shown  in pristine detail from the England National Team, Manchester United, AC Milan, PSG, Real Madrid, and the LA Galaxy.

A picture does tell a thousand words in this great book, but there are also stories from Beckham’s own experiences.  They are very personal, candid, and thoughtful discussions of the biggest moments in the superstar’s life.  And they come right from the source, the man himself.

The book is every bit as elegant and artistic as Beckham was on the pitch.  It is truly a great book from one of the beautiful game’s biggest personalities.

We particularly enjoyed the stories from Beckham’s youth, the very start of what became a legendary and global career.  Before Beckham was a fashion and sports icon, he was a promising youngster who was just trying to get his big break.

Anyone who has followed Beckham’s career will get a kick out of this book.

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