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Hearts in Europe: From Athens to Zagreb by Mike Buckle (Review)

Hearts is a special club, one with great history and devoted supporters.  Part of that history is a series of exploits within European football, all of which are greatly detailed in Mike Buckle’s Hearts in Europe: From Athens to Zagreb.

Cover Art Courtesy of Luath Press Ltd.

The concept of European football and the name of the competitions have changed over the years, but the overall idea remains the same.  Getting the opportunity to play on a bigger stage is extremely valuable, something that teams strive for each and every day.

Buckle recalls key moments from the European Champion Clubs Cup, International Inter-Cities Industrial Fairs Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League.  All of these provided new opponents for the Scottish side, exposing them to different levels of quality and styles of play.

Hearts found themselves facing off against the giants of world football, competing against the likes of Liverpool, Bayern Munich, PSG, Inter Milan, Benfica, and Tottenham. Buckle captures the essence of every match, including the leadup and aftermath for each.

It is very clear that this is destined to be a comprehensive resource for any fan of the SPL, one that will be thoroughly enjoyed by Hearts fans the most.  It will allow them to fondly remember and reflect upon better times, especially now that Hearts has found itself with some serious difficulties.

I doubt there is a better book out there when it comes to Hearts and I think that can be attributed to the author’s love for the club.  That fondness comes through loud and clear, a great complement to quality analysis and commentary.  The content is a fine bit of research, bringing a great deal of exclusive information to one location.

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