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More Good Work from Amberley

Consider yourself lucky if Amberley Publishing puts out a book about your club. They have quietly become the first stop for football titles, covering every angle and era of the beautiful game.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

Charlton Athletic FC: A Pictorial History by David Ramzan is a very personal story of a supporter and his love and passion for his local club.

Exclusive photographs and images frame incredible glimpses from Charlton’s past.  You will find stories of a North American tour in the 1930s and the great Eddie Firmani, who started his globetrotting career with the Addicks.

Following Hereford United is like riding a shaky rollercoaster.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride and you’re not sure what is around the next corner.

Hereford United: A Pictorial History by Ron Parrott, Richard Prime, and John Prime is a similar experience as they delve into 80+ years of history at the club. The Bulls are certainly not the masters of consistency, but they have had their moments of glory.  This book captures every moment, good and bad, in an effort to fully explain the club’s story.

Amberley’s Ipswich Town title is the meatiest of the bunch with over 150 pages. Ipswich Town: A History by Susan Gardiner is the name of this masterpiece. There are many more books that focus on the Blues, but none journey into the supporters, community, players, managers, and journalists at this depth.  It’s a different angle and a different perspective, making it a welcome addition to the history of Ipswich Town.

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