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Rotherham United: A Pictorial History (Review)

One thing Rotherham United is consistent about is inconsistency.  They certainly have had their share of trials and tribulations, highs and lows, triumphs and heartbreak.

Cover Art Courtesy of Amberley Publishing

All of this is detailed in Paul Rickett’s Rotherham United: A Pictorial History from Amberley Publishing.  It is a fascinating story of a club that goes through just about everything to get where they are today, a League One club with a great deal of promise and a new stadium.

It is a book full of stories and characters that define a club and English football as a whole.  You’ll hear about important players, coaches, and leaders that moved the organization through the worst and best of times.

You’ll hear about players like Wally Ardron, Jack Grainger and Brian Tiler as well as legendary managers like Reg Freeman and Andy Smailes.

The book is full of incredible photos as the title suggests.  Overall the experience reading this book is fantastic.  It makes you feel like you are part of the Rotherham United club, embracing their legacy along the way.

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