MLS Makes Improvements to the Designated Player Rule

Stars like Schelotto have helped raise the quality of play in MLS>.

Stars like Schelotto have helped raise the quality of play in MLS.

The recent addition of a second Designated Player slot and the ability to even purchase a third changes the way the soccer world views MLS.  The league and its member clubs now have an opportunity to get more proven talent on the field if they want to.  “We want to design a system so that each team has an opportunity to be successful,” said Todd Durbin, MLS EVP of Player Relations and Competition.

“In some markets, star power is critical, Durbin commented. ” However, other teams may want to invest in local players or further their influence in the youth soccer market.  This gives everyone a choice.  “It’s not one size fits all,” Durbin added. 

The league cannot expect to see immediate results from the rule changes.  “It will take time to see the impact,” Durbin stated. “There may be more activity in the summer transfer window.”  It is likely that improvements in attendance and TV ratings will take time.  Honestly it will be hard to tell if any positive changes are a result of interest in the World Cup or the change in the DP rule. 

Again the league is taking steps to improve its status as a mainstream sports league.  The conservative approach has kept the league healthy and expanding.

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