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Football Manager 2013 (Review)

It is really hard to describe how great Football Manager 2013 is, but I think I’ve found it.  It’s like getting like getting signed by Man U from your Sunday pub league or getting Wayne Rooney to coach your kid’s rec team. It’s the best, hands down.

FM 2013 is a supporter’s dream. It is the ultimate platform for fulfilling your dreams of running a real-life football club.  It allows the everyman to get away from the ordinary and attempt the extraordinary as the head of their favorite club.  Whether it is a Blue Square non-league side or the best of the EPL, it is an exciting journey that gives the user the opportunity to follow their dreams.

What separates FM from the rest is realism.  It is for the people who know FIFA 13 is just not enough.  And FIFA Manager just can’t compete with the history and legacy of Football Manager. This series is so good that somebody wrote a book about it. No, it’s not a book of cheats, tips, or tactics, but rather a book about how playing the game has changed pop culture as we know it.

FM 2013 has options, plenty of options.  This creates a tremendous sense of depth.  You have dozens of leagues, thousands of players, and an endless supply of games to choose from.

Sports Interactive even introduced a “Classic Mode,” a less time-consuming option that allows you to get right to work on your team.  It is an enjoyable addition that proves there is something for everyone, including the time-strapped football junkie.

If you are going to spend your football gaming dollars on anything this year, Football Manager 2013 is the only choice.  It will give hundreds if not thousands of hours of enjoyment to those lucky enough to own it.  I can’t think of a better way to spend your money. I am sure our friend Carl Dickinson (on your left) would agree.

Well it is back to the game for me, trying to get my lowly Welsh Premier League team to the top of the table and on to Europe. Cheers!

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