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Sounders break up the Union

The Sounders FC are quickly becoming one of the top teams in the MLS this season. While it is still early in the season, consider this: seven different players have scored this season, a 5-1-1 start is the best record in Sounders’ history, and they have allowed zero goals in four out of five wins! The Sounders are sizzling right now; let’s hope they can keep up the intensity and keep producing goals.

Fredy “Almost” Montero had at least two goal scoring chances, both of which hit the crossbar. Despite the repeated frustration, he remains poised and had an assist on the night, his first of the season. Thanks to some slick passing from Montero, Mauro Rosales would get his first goal of the season in the 63rd to give the Sounders a 1-0 lead.

Eddie Johnson came on late and stirred up the mix. Unofficially, he had a great chest trap in the box, which led to the only goal of the afternoon. In the 73rd minute, Seattle came alive as they had a series of shots blocked by defenders, which led to a great shot from Montero. It was clumsily blocked by the Union’s keeper and Johnson cleaned up with a goal, but was ruled offsides. Seattle had a multitude of chances and shot attempts, but could only find the net one time with no complaints, however.

With David Estrada and Osvaldo Alonso on the pitch, Seattle’s midfield is looking strong and in control. Estrada has shown his ability as a striker with his hat trick earlier in the season. Alonso, who last season was known for his amazing volley shots from deflections and corner kicks, has become more of a defensive minded player this season. He has shown less promise on the attack and he made several passing errors in scoring situations during the match against Philadelphia. Luckily, Estrada can pick up the slack and take more of an offensive role. Together, they are a furious, two-headed, bald, soccer beast. Alex Caskey also had several near misses.

Several players were cautioned, including Andy Rose (18th) and Gabriel Gomez (78th), but overall the refs allowed the players to play.

For the final corner from the Union before time expired, Philadelphia keeper Zac MacMath came up to try his luck. He ended up colliding with Michael Gspurning in the box.  The Sounders finished with a 1-0 win over Philly and on a night of firsts, Bryan Meredith claimed a shutout in his first MLS start.

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