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The Making of a Legendary Brand: The Pelé Sports Lineup

If you have a pulse you know Pelé. He is the definition of a legend.  His name is used to describe the best of the best, a once in a lifetime player. Well maybe a once in a century player.

Gillespie put the 1962 FGs through the rigors of professional training.

Simply put Pelé has no comparison.   

You can say the same for Pelé Sports.  This company has captured the true spirit of  Pelé and in doing so has captured the passion and wonder of the beautiful game.  Pelé Sports is fashion, futbol, and comfort all wrapped into one. 

We enlisted the help of two professional soccer players to offer their insights on this company that is redefining soccer in North America. 

Steve Gillespie, a speedy young midfielder, has spent time as a professional both indoors and out.  He has experience with the Ohio Vortex (PASL-Pro), the Cleveland City Stars (USL-1), and the Columbus Crew Reserves (MLS).   Michael Pertz. a sizeable defender with good mobility, has played with the Ohio Vortex, the Real Maryland Monarchs (USL-2), and Crystal Palace Baltimore (USSF DII).  Each offers their thoughts and opinions on a product that has garnered rave reviews from around the world.

We paired Gillespie with the black 1962 FGs along with a Pelé Grand Master tee.  He had nothing but positive things to say about the Pelé brand. 

“The new Pele shoes that I just received might be the most comfortable pair of soccer shoes I’ve ever worn, ” Gillespie declared. ”Their ability to combine comfort, a lightweight construction, and style are all things that I look for in shoes and these shoes definitely have them all.”

The Grand Master tee has a timeless design that would be fashionable in 1970 or 2011. It is made of high-quality materials that will hold up over time.   

The Futsal hooded sweatshirt is best described in one word: cool.

Pertz got his hands (and feet) on the white 1970 FGs along with a Pelé Futsal hooded sweatshirt.

“My Pelé boots fit perfectly right out of the box,”  Pertz declared. “Soft, durable leather, and a great fit.” 

We have to agree with Pertz; the boots feel like they were custom made for your feet.  It is like walking on air.  We found the boots to be lightweight, but durable. Fashionable, but at the same time practical for rec or competitive play.

“These are some of the best, and most comfortable, boots I’ve ever owned,” Pertz continued. As a professional, Pertz knows a thing or two about boots.  The average pro goes through dozens of pairs in their lifetime, but these are good enough to make you forget about all the other brands.

The Futsal hooded sweatshirt was top of the line as well.  It catches the eye with a classic design and high-end materials.  Again fashion meets the needs of today’s footballer.  Pertz was seen wearing the hooded sweatshirt during warm-ups in PASL-Pro play.

Two professionals give the “thumbs up” to Pelé Sports.  We are excited to see what this trendsetting company has to offer in the future, a future that looks very bright for Pelé Sports.

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