ESPN Equals First-Class

ESPN is truly a first-class organization from top to bottom. Their involvement with the 2010 World Cup has already become a thing of legends and a game hasn’t been played yet. Many people (even those who are not usually soccer fans) have been impressed by ESPN’s commericals and promotions detailing their World Cuo coverage.

They have invested millions and millions of dollars into this venture.  The rights for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups were $100 million alone, not including promotion and production costs.  It is not just money that is headed for South Africa, but hundreds of ESPN staff that are determined to make this event a blockbuster. They are handling every aspect of the tournament with tremedous professionalism and dedication. 

ESPN’s continued support of the beautiful game has kept the dreams of many alive. They have pushed soccer into the mainstream and because of that the sport we all love is posied for a breakout. This could be the moment that soccer takes its rightful place among the traditional American powers of football, baseball, and basketball.

We thank ESPN for their efforts and look forward to a historic World Cup, one that will reach billions of people with the same love for the beautiful game. 

We would also like to thank Fox Soccer Channel for their excellent programming for the World Cup. ”The Ticket to South Africa” program is top-notch and the contributions of Nick Webster are something to watch for.

Most importantly, we would like to applaud the work of Coach Dan Gaspar, who is leading the way in our coverage of the WC.  He is providing our visitors with an insider’s look into every aspect  of the world’s greatest tournament, something you will not get anywhere else but here at ISN.  We wishCoach Gaspar and the Portugal National Team the best of luck in the coming weeks in South Africa.

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