The Glorious World Cup by Alan Black and David Henry Sterry

The Glorious World Cup by Alan Black and David Henry Sterry

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. It is nice to see a title that reflects common sense and a sense of humor. A true bargain at $12.00, The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatic's Guide is a change of pace from the rest of the World Cup titles out there.

It is refreshing, something that you would want to keep next to your recliner as you watch the World Cup in all its glory. It is a good fit for hardcore followers and casual fans alike.

It's a little bit of history, stand-up comedy, and art all wrapped in one. Creative graphics and solid photography add to the mix. Everyone will also enjoy the contributions of Simon Kuper, Po Bronson, and Irvine Welsh. It is a unique book that is both entertaining and informative. It is a great way to prepare for the World Cup in South Africa, looking back at the famous stories and players that have made this epic tournament the pride of billions.

It will certainly give you a new perspective on the World Cup, hopefully one that will provide enjoyment that comes only every four years. This is definitely one that is worth a purchase when it is released on May 4, 2010.

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