Other Professional Soccer Leagues

Professional Arena Soccer League

PASL-Pro is a new professional league which began play on October 25, 2008 when the Stockton Cougars defeated the Colorado Lightning, 10-5 at Stockton Arena. The 2008-09 season concludes with Championship Weekend March 13-15 at Stockton Arena.  PASL-Pro consists of 8 US teams, the CMISL, and LMFR. The San Diego Sockers have been added for the 2009/10 season. PASL-Premier enters its 12th season as the nation's top amateur arena soccer league with 51 teams in nine divisions.  PASL-Pro and PASL-Premier are members of Federacion Internacional de Futbol Rapido (FIFRA).

National Indoor Soccer League

The National Indoor Soccer League (NISL) was launched in September of 2008 and consists of five founding members; the Baltimore Blast, La Raza de Monterrey, Philadelphia KiXX, Rockford Rampage and the Massachusetts Twisters. 

The League has also formed a working relationship with the United Soccer Leagues (USL) and will become a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). 

NISL indoor soccer was developed to appeal to sports fans around the world. The fast-paced, fiercely competitive game is played on artificial turf on a hockey-rink-sized field surrounded by dasherboards and Plexiglas with eight-foot high by 14-foot wide goals receded into the end boards. Creative dribbling, pinpoint passing, acrobatic goalkeeping and rugged defensive play are all skills demonstrated by NISL players. A typical NISL game features end-to-end-action resulting in approximately 60 shots and 11 goals per game. Each game includes four 15-minute quarters and will feature multi-point scoring in which all goals scored will be worth two points, except those goals scored on shot attempts from on or beyond the 45-foot arc surrounding the goal, which will be worth three points. Other unique characteristics of the NISL include action-packed power plays and free substitution of players while play continues. 

Xtreme Soccer League

Founded last summer by the Milwaukee Wave, Detroit Ignition, New Jersey Ironmen and Chicago Storm, the Xtreme Soccer League (XSL) is more than an indoor soccer league. The Xtreme Soccer Xperience is an energetic and innovative 12-month sports lifestyle brand built around skilled soccer professionals, entertainment and fan participation -- both live and online.

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